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San Diego Cornhole Tournaments and Events hosted by Dirty Bags Cornhole.  We love Cornhole, and love to throw ridiculously themed Tournaments in the San Diego Area.  Dirty Bags is all about hosting fun, cash prize, cornhole tournaments and events right here in beautiful San Diego, California!  We are not affiliated with any other organizations or associations, so our tournaments do not effect any of your rankings in other organizations.  Which means you can come out and play with a new partner, try new techniques, be a complete novice, or a seasoned vet and every single person has the chance to take home the grand prize!  Our San Diego Cornhole events are strictly for fun and we began putting on these tournaments simply because there were not enough of them in San Diego already.  If you are new to the game, or have played for years, we welcome each of you to sign up for our next event and welcome to Dirty Bags Cornhole!

Dirty Bags Cornhole also supplies DBC logo’d cornhole bags, boards, shirts, hats, and other apparel!  Be sure to visit our Cornhole Shop to get the latest Cornhole Gear by visiting: